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Video: Hear what Rohingya Muslims are up to in Myanmar / Burma

The Muslim Issue

File:Location Burma (Myanmar) ASEAN.svgMyanmar borders Thailand, where they have another Muslim problem with Buddhist people raped, beheaded, torched on a daily basis. The media calls the Muslims separatist as if they are some segregated group from the normal Muslim community. Why call them anything else than what they are: practicing Muslims? No need to pretend they are some obscure minority when they actually represent the Muslim faith, attitude, and culture as a whole.

File:Bagan, Burma.jpgMuslims seek to destroy yet another country and culture, and force their presence on a people who are not permitted to be left in peace from them.

File:Burmese Ramayana dance.jpg.

The Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar originate from Bangladesh and are Muslim separatists, with the object of advancing a legal claim to ethnic grouping of the Union of Burma. The British, who ruled the Indian Empire, named them Chittagonians after the Chittagong District of East Bengal, wherefrom they originated. The term Rohingya, therefore…

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